Arcade Systems

Arcade Systems

Table Top Arcade Video Tutorials Series

This Table top arcade cabinet is a perfect compromise between size and functionality.
This Arcade system is simply amazing. It comes in the 1 or 2 players version. The system can run Retropie, Pandora or Hyperspin. All of the above system are configured to run multiple emulators and play
pretty much all Retro console games available.

1 or 2 controllers 8 ways
8 or 16 Happs arcade push buttons
19" 4/3 monitor
Hdmi cable
Marquee light
On/Off switch
Raspberry Pi 3 or Pandora's box system
Power Adaptor 5v
SD card with over 10 Emulators Pre-configured and ready to receive Roms
Stereo powered speaker system
Vinyl side art
Backlit buttons

Parts List

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