Burn a retropie image

Burning Stock Retropie image for the Raspberry Pi

1- Download the Latest Image from https://retropie.org.uk/download/ 

2- Download Apple Pi Baker for Mac Here or Win32 disk imager for Windows Here

3- Insert a Micro Sd card in the computer, refresh and select the card ( 1 ), Select the raspberry Pi image by clicking the 3 dots ( 2 ) and finally, click the restore image button ( 3 )

4- This process is exactly the same if you are burning a pre-made image. 

5- On Windows , select the rapberry image file located on your computer ( 1 ) select the letter assigned to your microSd card in the drop down box ( 2 ) and click Write ( 3 ). 

This videos shows how to burn the image on the Micro Sd Card

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