For Sale section

30 May

This is the section for items we have for sale. All the products found are made by me and only 1 is available. I do not mass product my products, they are hand made and built with care 1 at a time.


Any warranty on the products? 

No, I don't provide warranty for any of the electronics. I built and program them myself, i know they work, i will send a video of the product before shipping.

How much is shipping? 

It depends where you are and what you are ordering. send an E-mail with your address and postal code for a quote.

Beware. Even if the package is well wrapped and secured, shipping a Pinball or a pre-built arcade machine is tricky, it moves and will cause electronic components to disconnect.

I posted these on the site to give the chance to my international followers to buy it from the site, but i much rather sell it locally where people can come and see the product before buying it.

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