Mini Virtual Pinball

30 May

Be the proud owner of this superb Mini Virtual Pinball Machine. 

The advantage of this smaller version is the versatility. Because of it's small size ( 30" x 22 ) it can easily be move and transported.  

This is a new build and it was the model displayed in my Youtube series : 

This VP is fully loaded with Force feedback and Led and Includes Near 500 Tables. 

- 4 Solenoids for force feedback

- 3 Strip of RGB LED 

- 2 Strobes

- 1 Beacon ( Police light )

- 5 LED bar 

- Aluminum Railing and lock bar

- Tinted Plexy Glass

- 2 Monitors Setup

- LED red Fan

- Volume Control

- PinballX interface

- Future Pinball Games

- VP9 games

- VP10 Games

- Fx2 games

Look at this video preview: 

only 1 available contact for pricing, 

The price of a virtual pinball machine can range anywhere between 2000$ to $10,000 when bought directly from a retailer. Similarly, building your own virtual pinball machine can cost up to couple thousand dollars.

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