Virtual Pinball building guide PROMO 2019

Virtual Pinball building guide PROMO 2019

 We are offering a limited Advertising opportunity to have your company featuring in our Virtual Pinball Guide that will be published in 2019’s This is the first guide of it’s kind and will be “THE” virtual pinball reference.  


This Guide will be a reference book for years to come for all pinball enthusiasts desiring to build their own virtual pinball machine or for owners wanting to modify or update to a newer technology. This guide will focus on the cabinet, the software, the hardware required and tools used to accomplish this project. We will go through the steps in detail with pictures and videos featured in a series on our YouTube channel.

 Advertising in this guide will not only give you a new level of exposure but your company name will be associated to “THE” reference book when it comes to virtual pinball.

You can view the ad campaign document HERE

You may purchase the advertisement for to book your spot for the up coming 2019 campaign. 


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